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{The Songstress Priestess}

ARIELLA FORSTEIN is a Songstress of ancient Hebrew & Ladino songs, channeled heart-opening melodies, and classical-to-soul versatile vocals.  Also a percussionist- hands on skin- she extracts rhythms and melodies from West Africa, Middle Eastern music, her Jewish heritage and Eastern European traditions. Her eclectic & otherworldly essence shines through as a performance artist, sacred ritualist, and Vocal Empowerment Coach

Ariella's voice evokes emotions (feelings = healing), and engages an audience to feel connected, involved, seen, heard, and loved.  

MOVIE MUSIC:  Ariella's vocals have been featured in film scores.  If you're interested in epic vocals on your soundtrack or album, connect.  

HISTORY:  Ariella grew up studying Jewish Cantorial music as an apprentice to renown U.S. Cantors. She then entered OSU's School of Music to study classical voice. Enticed by things "outside of the box," and wanting to satisfy her need to explore something different, she studied music in Ghana. There her world opened to rhythm and movement inspired by earth, nature, and intuition. Ariella also studied Balinese Gamelan with I Supartha, African percussion/culture with Dr. Daniel Avorgbedor, and Joselyn Wilkinson.  She's been making music for personal expression purposes since she could make sound; and professionally since 2001.


AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS:  Ariella worked as a vocalist in L.A.'s music scene from 2003-2011, where she founded Yeh Dede - the women's world music ensemble, for which she won the ASCAP Plus Independent Artist award in the Jazz & Popular Division in 2008 and 2009, + 2011. Yeh Dede released their full-length CD, “Freedom" in July 2009. Ariella toured nationally with Moira Smiley & VOCO between 2007-2011.  During 2014-2016 Midwest tours, she was a guest Vocalist with the Yuval Ron Ensemble, and sang with Bobby McFerrin at Orchestra Hall.  In 2016 Ariella won the MECA (Minnesota Emerging Composer Award) from the American Composer's Forum, which supported Vox Svara - her 1st electronica project, which planted seeds she's now sewing as she writes the vocals for her 1st Solo Album, stay TUNED..... to be recorded in 2021.  

Watch Ariella's TEDx Talk:  Singing Is Your Birthright


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